The Gin Corner : uno dei migliori locali per bere a Roma

Via di Pallacorda, 2, 00186 Roma RM

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Located in the Hotel Adriano in Rome, The Gin Corner is the first lounge cocktail bar dedicated to Gin in Italy. The Gin Corner is located in the heart of Rome inside Hotel Adriano, a XVII century Palazzo. Thanks to the availability of over hundreds brands of Gin from around the world, the bartender Patrick Pistolesi, supported by Andrea Cardinale and Biagio Gennaro, have selected an exceptional menu. In addition to the well known gin-based cocktails, The Gin Corner serves amazing Gin & Tonics made with the various gins as well as the king of cocktails … the Martini. To accompany the drinks there will be exquisite tastings. Juniper, the essential ingredient of gin, will be showcased along with other "botanicals" in a display exclusively created by Antica Erboristeria Romana. The Gin Corner is open from 6pm for everyone who seeks a relaxed atmosphere with good company.

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