The Court Rome : uno dei migliori locali per bere a Roma

Via Labicana, 125, 00184 Roma RM

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The Court, the new Cocktail Bar @ Palazzo Manfredi, with a unique view of the Coliseum, one of the world’s wonders, the most prestigious address in Rome. In the Capital City, The Court is the amazing location at the luxurious 5-star hotel Palazzo Manfredi, member of Relais & Chateaux, part of the Manfredi Fine Hotels Collection. The Bar offers a wide range of innovative drinks with revolutionary techniques by some of the most famous Italian mixologists, right in front of the “Ludus Magnus”, the largest Gladiator training camp in the Antique Rome now dubbed the “most exclusive location for innovative mixology”, where the bartender almost becomes an alchemist. Behind the counter, this new project is led by world-famous Matteo Zed who is now in Rome after international experiences between Japan and New York City Eclectic, daring, bold and obsessed with Bitters, Matteo is now ready to surprise you. From the twilight of dusk to midnight, The Court will astonish you with its sublime choice of beverages, its unique location, its elegance and the exceptional techniques.

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