SUSHISAMBA : uno dei migliori locali per bere a Londra

110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY, Regno Unito

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Only at SUSHISAMBA will you find a unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian culture and cuisine. SUSHISAMBA is born of the energy and spirit of these three distinct cultures; a tri-cultural coalition that took root in the early 20th century when thousands of Japanese emigrants traveled to South America’s fertile soil to cultivate coffee plantations and find their fortune. In bustling cities like Lima in Peru, and São Paulo in Brazil, the integration of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cultures flourished. This cultural phenomenon launched a culinary coup. Hearty moquecas and colorful seviches found a place at the table alongside simple miso soup and tender sashimi. SUSHISAMBA serves these traditional dishes, plus more inventive fare, including sawagani, tuna tataki and anticuchos. Equal parts imagination and history, the SUSHISAMBA experience is truly unique. SUSHISAMBA swung its doors open in New York City in 1999. Since then, the restaurant group has celebrated almost 20 years of singular, soulful style and superlative dining, proudly opening locations in Miami Beach, Las Vegas, London and Amsterdam. Beating at the heart of every SUSHISAMBA is a deep appreciation for enjoying life and celebrating with friends.

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