Lulu White : uno dei migliori locali per bere a Parigi

12 Rue Frochot, 75009 Paris, Francia

Dettagli Locale

Queen of New Orlean’s Storyville, Lulu White was an infamous procuress, renowned for her ledendary ‘hospitality’. Her notorious Mahogany Hall, immortalised by Louis Armstrong’s ‘Mahogany Hall Stomp’, invited clients to indulge in an array of vices and pleasures. The wanton and disreputable Storyville was Lulu’s home until 1917 when it was eventually shut down. Yet Lulu’s infamy lingers in her newly adopted home, PIGALLE. Known as ‘Pig Alley’ this Parisian quartier has long been a haven of seduction and vice. And now, straddling two cities, providing decadent nights to clients from all walks of life, the team behind the Little Red Door proudly presents, Paris’s drinking den, Lulu White.

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